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By Jennie Lebel
History of the Jewish presence in the capital of Serbia.

Until the Final Solution: The Jews of Belgrade 1521–1942

  • This book is the result of 20 years of painstaking research by the author. Its contents are based on documentation—supported by more than 800 footnotes—from the 16th century to the community’s tragic end in 1942. The history of the Jewish community under Ottoman rule, Serbia, Yugoslavia and finally the German occupation and the “Final Solution” is told in great detail, always based on documentary evidence.

    In addition, the book contains specific sections dealing with aspects of the Jewish life: rabbis, synagogues, cemeteries and funeral ceremonies, educational institutions, Jewish life in general, and a complete list of all Jewish institutions. There is an extensive bibliography and an index of names.

    The book makes optimal use of primary sources and combines archive documents, literary and religious sources with field work consisting of questions and interviews. The fact that the author was a member of the community enabled her to interview a wide range of persons and to reach primary sources that are vanishing.

    Belgrade was the first major European city to become “Judenrein”—free of Jews. It started in December 1941, before the Wannsee Conference where the Final Solution was formally adopted, and, by May, 1942, there were no more Jews left in Serbia.



    7" x 10" 476 pp. softcover $49.00


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