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By Elizabeth S. Plaut
Family trees of various Plaut families from dozens of small villages in Germany.

The Plaut Family: Tracing the Legacy

  • When Elizabeth S. Plaut began tracing her husband’s family roots forty years ago, she had no idea how this undertaking would change her life and turn her into a serious genealogist. A trained researcher, she corresponded with hundreds of people around the world to glean information about the various branches of the family; scoured cemetery files, archives, and other available sources; and maintained copious files brimming over with her notes and charts. Beginning with her quest to find the roots of her husband’s branch of the family from Willingshausen, Germany—many years before genealogy became popular—Elizabeth Plaut discovered families in dozens of small villages in Germany. She tracked the relationships between more than 11,000 people and separated the branches according to the many cities where the families originated. Impressive in its scope and in Elizabeth Plaut’s meticulous commitment to detail, The Plaut Family: Tracing the Legacy will be of immense value to all those interested in knowing more about their roots.


    7" x 10" 420 pp. softcover $45.00


    Sample Tree

    Index to all Names




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