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By Alice Perkins Gould
History of Jewish presence in this New Jersey city through its cemeteries..

Old Jewish Cemeteries of Newark

  • The Old Jewish Cemeteries in Newark traces the establishment of the Newark area cemeteries from the middle of the nineteenth century to the end of the twentieth century. It consequently describes the nature of the Jewish society during that period. Intertwined with the description of the historical development of the various cemeteries are tales about the lives of the Jews who are buried in the different sections and the lives of their descendants. The book is unique in that it traces the history of the Jews using cemetery records, obituaries, and the memories of their descendants. Included in the book are copies of old documents and pictures, which should enhance the reading pleasure.

    There is much practical material that would be of interest to Jewish genealogists. Included in the book is a description of the cemetery project of the International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies and of the Jewish Online Worldwide Burial Registry. Since there are no longer any offices on the cemeteries, readers will find very helpful the diagrams of the five cemeteries, with lists of the sections and the dates of their establishment.

    Although The Old Jewish Cemeteries in Newark is concise, it includes much information that was discovered during many years of research, and it contains material most of which cannot be found in any previously published history of the Newark Jews during that time.


    8½" x 11" 108 pp. softcover $29.00


    Table of Contents:

    Chapter 1  Early Jewish Cemeteries
    Chapter 2  Jewish Burials in Other Secular and Religious Cemeteries  
    Chapter 3  Grove Street Cemetery þ  Sections Established by Congregations
    Chapter 4  Talmud Torah Cemetery and  McClellan Street Cemeteries 
    Chapter 5  The Societies and Their Sections   
    Chapter 6  People in the News 
    Chapter 7  The Gates, Monuments, and Gravestones 
    Chapter 8  Jewish Burial Traditions, Funeral Homes,  Monument Dealers and Caretakers  
    Chapter 9  Deterioration and Rehabilitation  
    Chapter 10  Indexing the Graves þ The IAJGS and JOWBR  
    Chapter 11  Looking Ahead  
    Appendix  The Five Jewish Cemeteries in Newark, New Jersey  

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