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A “must have” research tool for Sephardic genealogy research!  This 3-volume set synthesizes decades of work by two award-winning genealogists, Jeffrey S. Malka and the late Mathilde Tagger.  In these books, you’ll find 79,000 surnames, with an index to finding additional resources for each.


More particularly:


  • Volume I (795 pages) contains a concise index that guides the reader to numerous resources for further information on 79,000 surnames.  These resources have been located in public and academic libraries, through interlibrary loans, on the internet, cemeteries, and elsewhere.  Resources that often themselves contain further research leads.  Using this index will fast-forward your research directly to the sources you need.  


  • Volume II (786 pages) contains 36 extensive and detailed databases in which Mathilde Tagger extracted voluminous data elements for many of the surnames mentioned in Volume I. These databases, created by an expert genealogist, will you save months and years of research time.


  • Volume III (815 pages) contains a database of extracted data regarding 12,400 Jewish Surnames from Medieval Iberia that survive in the Sephardic diaspora with variants, sources, and references provided.


Sephardic Surnames Index of Research Sources,’ along with Jeff Malka's earlier ‘Sephardic Genealogy' book, form a fundamental core of essential books for Sephardic genealogists and historians.  For more information on Malka's Sephardic Genealogy, which was previously awarded “Best Judaica Reference Book” by the  Association of Jewish Libraries, click here:  Sephardic Genealogy, 2d edition 

Sephardic Surnames, An Index of Research Sources

  • Just released in 2024!  See description below.

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