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By Edward David Luft
Identification of Jews naturalized during this period.

Naturalized Jews of the Grand Duchy of Posen in 1834 and 1835: Revised Edition

  • A list of the original 5,173 persons living in the Grand Duchy of Posen with information on names, towns of residence, occupation, and additional commentary. The law that created the census and an English translation is included. Genealogists searching for 19th-century ancestors in Posen (today Poznan) will find this work essential. The revised edition adds the following chapters not in the first edition:

    • A completely revised Introduction with additional facts
    • Additional information about the maps in the book
    • Translations of the professions
    • Analysis of persons who are citizens of Prussia and of Posen (dual citizens)
    • Analysis of the women listed in the book
    • Detailed analysis of the professions in the book
    • Lists first names of the persons naturalized
    • Reproduction of a naturalization patent
    • Greatly enlarged bibliography
    • List of libraries in which the first edition can be found.


    8½ x 11" 308 pages softcover $44.95


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