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By Ellen Levitt
Pictorial essay of 91 former synagogues in Brooklyn providing their history past and present.

Lost Synagogues of Brooklyn

  • Jewish life in Brownsville, East New York, Flatbush-East Flatbush, Bedford-Stuyvesant and other nearby areas of Brooklyn through the 1950s was a lively, rich and varied environment. Over the next few decades it  dissipated greatly. As Jews moved to other areas, they left behind their synagogues. This book is a photographic essay of these ex-shuls; what happened to them, and how do they appear today. Many became churches whose facades still have Jewish symbols. 

    Each of the 91 features ex-shuls include a photograph of how it appears today with a narrative that explains the history of the building.


    8½" x 11" 196 pp. softcover $35.00  


    Table of Contents


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  • Bronx
    Congregation Achpretiva Tal Chaim Shar Hayushar , 2176 Grand Concourse
    Adath Israel of the Bronx, 1589 Washington Av.
    Temple Adath Israel/Congregation Chevra Cheves Achim, 551 East 169th St.
    Temple Adath Israel, 1275 (1289) Grand Concourse
    Temple Adath Israel Community Center , 130 East 169th St.
    Adath Jeshurun, 87 East 165th St.
    Beth Hamedrash Hagadol Adath Israel of the Bx., 827 Forest Av.
    Beth Hamedrash Hagadol v’Tomchay Torah of the Bx., 860 (856) Forest Av.
    Beth Hamedrash Hagadol of University Heights, 1440 Plimpton Av.
    Congregation Beth Israel, 1731 Washington Av.
    Congregation Beth Jacob B’Arav Abraham & Talmud Torah, 1461 Leland Av.
    Congregation B’nai Israel, 1570 Walton Av.
    Congregation B’nai Israel, 2080(2084) Arthur Av.
    Bronx Community Temple, 771 Fairmont Av.
    Bronx Educational Alliance/Jewish Ladies Day Nursery…, 1695 Washington Av.
    Bronx Jewish Center/Talmud Torah Shaarey Zion, 819 East 178th St.
    Burnside Jewish Center/Talmud Torah Anshei Emeth, 2019 Grand Av.
    Chevra Ahavas Achim, 1920 Crotona Av.
    Chevra Bachurim Anshei Hungary, 1137 Prospect Av.
    Chevra Shomrey Sabath, 335 Beekman Av.
    Concourse Center of Israel, 2315 Grand Concourse
    East Concourse Hebrew Center, 236 Tremont Av.
    Emanuel Synagogue, 1310 Elder Av.
    Fulton Avenue YMHA/Bronx Jewish Center, 1511 Fulton Av.
    Gun Hill Jewish Center, 3380 Reservoir Oval East
    Hebrew Institute of University Heights, 1835 University Av.
    Congregation Hope of Israel, 843 Walton Av.
    Intervale Jewish Center, 1028 Intervale Av.
    Jacob Schiff Jewish Center, 2510 Valentine Av.
    Jewish Center of Highbridge, 1178 (1180) Nelson Av.
    Jewish Center of Unionport/Beth Aaron Center, 1144 (1148) Elder Av.
    Jewish Center of University Heights, 108-110 W. 174th St.
    Jewish Center of Violet Park, 3350 Seymour Av.
    Jewish Center of Williamsbridge, 2910 Barnes Av.
    Congregation Judah HaLevi, 1069 Morris Av.
    Temple Judea, 615 (617) Reiss Pl.
    K’hal Adath Israel, 806 Jennings St.
    Khal Adath Yeshurun d’Bronx, 1408 (1406) Bryant Av.
    Kingsbridge Heights Jewish Center, 124 Eames Pl.
    Congregation Kneseth Israel/Shomre Torah, 1011 Faile St.
    Linath HaZedek of Harlem and the Bronx, 1115 Ward Av.
    Machzikeh Talmud Torah Toath Moses, 1014 Av. St. John
    Congregation Mesilath Yeshurun, 1921 Walton St.
    Congregation Mishkenoth Israel, 841 (837) Southern Blvd.
    Montefiore Hebrew Congregation, 768 Hewitt Pl.
    Mosholu Jewish Center, 3044 Hull Av.
    Nathan Straus Jewish Center, 3512/14 DeKalb Av.
    Ohel Moshe, 2149 Wallace Av.
    Sephardic Jewish Center, 116 East 169th St.
    Sinai Congregation, 951 Stebbins Av. (Rev. Polite Av.)
    Sons of Israel, 1358 (1350) Morris Av.
    Tarbut Hebrew Cultural Institute, 31 (33) East 169th St.
    Congregation Tefereth Israel, 2095 Daly Av.
    Tifereth Beth Jacob/Tifereth Beth Israel, 120 East 169th St.
    Tremont Temple Gates of Prayer, 2064 Grand Concourse
    Young Israel of Pelham Parkway, 2126 Barnes Av.
    Young Israel of the Concourse, 1015 Walton/1040 Grand Concourse
    Young Israel of University Heights, 1788 Townsend Av.
    Temple Zion, 1925 Grand Concourse

    Congregation Ahavath Achim of Corona, 43-02 National St.
    Ahavath Achim of Middle Village, 75-23 67th Drive
    Baisley Park Jewish Center, 119-09 Sutphin Blvd
    Temple Beth El of Laurelton, 133-21 232nd St.
    Temple Beth Israel Center, 115-62 Farmers Blvd.
    Beth Jacob, 63-51 Wetherole St.
    Congregation Beth Jacob of Astoria, 22-51 29th St.
    B’nai David, 567 Beach 130th St.
    Corona Hebrew School, 108-44 53rd Avenue
    Corona-Elmhurst Jewish Community Center, 40-34 102nd St.
    Electchester Jewish Center, 65-15 164th St.
    Temple Emanu-El of Elmhurst, 91-15 Corona Av.
    Forest Hills Jewish Center (old), 92-15 69th Avenue
    Hebrew Institute of Middle Village, 69-12 75th St.
    Temple Israel of Jamaica/Holliswood, 188-15 McLaughlin Av.
    Jamaica Jewish Center, 150-91 87th Rd.
    Jewish Center of Jackson Heights, 72-25 Woodside Av.
    Jewish Center of Richmond Hill, 101-54 117th St.
    Laurelton Jewish Center, 228-20 137th Av.
    Linas HaZedek, 147-25 Liberty Av.
    Temple Menorah of Little Neck, 252-00 Horace Harding Blvd.
    Talmud Torah Mishkin Israel /YMHA, 153-14 90th Av.
    Northside Hebrew Congregation, 100-05 34th Av.
    Ohab Zedek (old), 214 Beach 120th St.
    Plaza Torah Center, 67-04 Austin St.
    Congregation Tifereth Israel, 109-18 54th Avenue
    Young Israel of Laurelton , 133-49 228th St.

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