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By Benjamin Meirtschak
Identifies nearly 5,000 Jews who served as officers in the Polish Army during WWII.

Jews-Officers in the Polish Armed Forces 1939–1945

  • According to the book’s author, nearly 200,000 Polish Jews fought against Nazi Germany in the ranks of the Polish Armies on Polish soil and in exile. They defended Poland in September 1939 against the German aggression and they fought in the Polish Armies in exile. Despite the tremendous Jewish military contribution to the Polish war efforts, the official Polish historical bibliography of WWII ignores this Jewish phenomena. The purpose of this book is to rectify this historical injustice and to commemorate the Jewish Fighters in the struggle against Nazi Germany.

    The book identifies nearly 5,000 Polish-Jewish officers, giving their name, birth date, military rank and service branch, and death circumstances when applicable. Originally published by the Association of Jewish War Veterans of Polish Armies in Israel.


    8½" x 11" 300 pp. softcover $40.00



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