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By Rolandas Gustaitis
History of the Jews of the region between Kaunas and Vilnius from the earliest days but primarily the 20th century. More than 200 pictures, 400 named persons.

Jews of the Kaišiadorys Region of Lithuania

  • For more than three and a half centuries Jews flourished in the Kaišiadorys region of Lithuania—the area between Lithuania’s two largest cities, Kaunas and Vilnius. It all came to an abrupt end during the Holocaust when the German SS Einsatzgruppen killing squads and their Lithuanian collaborators murdered most of the Jewish population and plundered their belongings.

    Jews of the Kaišiadorys Region of Lithuania tells the history of the Jews of the region from its earliest days, but with particular emphasis on the early 20th century and Holocaust periods. The history is enriched by the naming of people—not just events. The index lists more than 400 people of the area, mostly Jews. More than 200 pictures show the life and Jewish people of the region as it existed before the Holocaust.

    The book includes the towns of Darsūniškis, Kaišiadorys, Kruonis, Rumšiškės, Žasliai, Žiežmariai and, to a lesser extent, Gegužinė, Mūro Strėvininkai, Šilonys, Tartokas and Zūbiškės.



    7"x10" 284 pp. softcover $55.00



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