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German Name-Change Gazetteer



By Otto Kredel & Franz Theirfelder
Name changes of towns after World War I formerly in Germany and Austria-Hungary. Two volumes.

German Name-Change Gazetteer

  • Printed in 1931, this name-change gazetteer identifies virtually every town in pre-World War I Germany and Austria-Hungary that was ceded to other countries or to new countries such as Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia. Names are presented in two sequences: Old German name to new name, and new name to old German name.

    Thousands of town named in Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Romania and Yugoslavia. Also Belgium-Holland, Denmark, Estonia, Italy, Latvia, Luxemburg, Soviet Union and Switzerland. Also German names for selected towns in Albania, Bulgaria, Finland, Greece, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Turkey.


    Reprinted by Avotaynu in two volumes, sold together here.


    Sample page from original work. 

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