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By Alexander Beider
Latest work of Dr. Beider identifies 35,000 surnames from the region.

Dictionary of Jewish Surnames from Galicia

  • A Dictionary of Jewish Surnames from Galicia is the third major work by Dr. Alexander Beider in the realm of Eastern European Jewish surnames. His previous works, (Avotaynu, 1993) and A Dictionary of Jewish Surnames from the Russian EmpireA Dictionary of Jewish Surnames from the Kingdom of Poland (Avotaynu, 1996) established Dr. Beider as a leading authority on Eastern European Ashkenazic names. 

    A Dictionary of Jewish Surnames from Galicia provides information about some 25,000 different surnames used by Jews in Galicia. For each name, the author describes the districts within Galicia where the surname appeared, the origin of the meaning of the name (etymology), and the variants found.

    The Introductory portion of the book follows Dr. Beider's scholarly style in analyzing the origin and evolution of Jewish surnames from that region. This includes a history of Jewish names in Galicia, basic etymological analysis, spelling and variation of surnames and analysis of surnames in various provinces of eastern Europe. An extensive bibliography is provided.


    8½" x 11" 624 pp. hardcover $99.00

    Table of Contents


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