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By Ellen Levitt
Pictorial essay of 86 former synagogues in The Bronx and Queens providing their history past and present.

Lost Synagogues of The Bronx and Queens

  • The author of The Lost Synagogues of Brooklyn now has photographed and researched the synagogues of The Bronx and Queens whose buildings still exist but their congregations are no more. This book is a photographic essay of these ex-shuls; what happened to them, and how do they appear today. Many became churches—one a mosque—whose facades often still have Jewish symbols. 

    Each of the 86 featured ex-shuls include a photograph of how it appears today with a narrative that explains the history of the building.



    8½" x 11" 168 pp. softcover $35.00


    Table of Contents


    Synagogues Illustrated in this Book


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